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Serve Your Community/Volunteer Opportunities!!!

Franklin Township has openings on the Planning Commission, and the Parks and Recreation Committee.  Click on the link below for the position descriptions and duties. Please send a letter of interest via email to [email protected] or to 150 Century Lane, Dillsburg, PA 17019

Position Descriptions for PC, ZHB and P&R


Seasonal Road Crew Employment Opportunity

Employment Application

CDL Application


Click on link below for Fee Schedule, review list and see “Exhibit” that corresponds to listed item (if applicable):

2024 Franklin Township Fee Schedule

SEE NOTE: Additional fees incurred by third parties contracted by the township as part of of the project reviews are payable by the applicant: these third parties include the township Engineer, Building Code Official/Zoning Officer/Inspector, Sewage Enforcement Officer and Solicitor. These fees are in addition to the fees noted in the Franklin Township Fee Schedule (above).


PLEASE NOTE: For new building projects, a Building Permit Application, a Zoning Permit Application, and a Stormwater Management Application MUST be completed for any of the applications to be processed. 

For a new home, a Septic Permit Application (obtained from the township office), and a Driveway Permit Application must be completed first, then all other applications listed in the paragraph above.


Permit/Hearing Applications

**Click on Permit Application listed above to obtain the on-line form**

1). Zoning Permit Application (include A & B below)

A.) Impervious Land Coverage Percentage

B.) Site Plan

2.) Driveway-Road Occupancy Permit May 2024

A. )Driveway Site Distance Measurements

 3.) Storm Water Management Application and Permit

                           4.) Stormwater Permit Template & Schedule of Inspections

A.) Stormwater Management Assistance Manual & Agreement

4.) Building Permit

(NOTE: The Building Permit Application is also used for a Demolition Permit Application. Please note under Scope of Work that it is for Demolition) (include A & B below)

A.) Building Plan Example 

B.) Work Comp Insurance Certificate

*****New Solo systems, Windmills, Geothermal*****

5.) Conditional Use Application

NOTICE: Conditional Use Hearing Application Submission Deadline

Conditional Use Hearing (CUH) Applications and payment are due by the Monday prior to the submission deadline date for the Board of Supervisors (BOS) Regular Monthly Meeting. Please refer to the tab/page entitled Board of Supervisors Minutes/Agendas for submission deadline and BOS meeting date.

10. Zoning Hearing Application 

Any building or improvement (unattached) of 100 sq/ft or more requires a permit.  The following information is required at time of application:

If applying for a building permit for a new residential dwelling, the applicant must have a valid Sewage Permit and a Driveway-Road Occupancy Permit May 2024 in hand at the time of completing the Building Permit Application. Please refer to the Driveway Site Distance Measurements documents.

  1. Property owner’s name, present address and telephone number.
  2. Contractor’s name, address and telephone number
  3. Sketched plan showing the following:
    • Property lines
    • Existing structures
    • Proposed structure(s) and size(s)
    • Location of well and/or septic system, where applicable
    • Driveways
    • Waterways
  4. Sewage Application number obtained at Township office.
  5. Driveway Permit number obtained at Township office.
  6. Township Driveway Permit number (obtain prior to applying for building permit)
  7. State driveways permit number (Highway Occupancy Permit). Obtain prior to application for Building Permit (Contact PennDOT at (717) 848-6230)
  8. Evidence of Storm Water Management Design Assist Manual Worksheet Owner Acknowledgement approval (if required by Township Engineer)

Construction in the Township other than residential may require the following:

  1. Land Development Plan
  2. Subdivision Plan
  3. Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry approval

Please contact the Township office for additional information. If needed, contact Land & Sea Services (Building Code Official/Building Inspector for any projects completed prior to the end of 2023) at: (717)-677-7356 or contact Approved Code Service for any projects starting in 2024 at: (717)-506-0464


Peddlers and Solicitation Application for License

Application for Peddling and Soliciting License


Complaint Forms

Complaint Form


Landlord/Rental Property Form

Rental Unit Report-Landlord-Tenant